Live the Moment

Random Thoughts & Mantras – Savour the Moment

Today no poetry. Just some poetic toughts and mantras to make your life worth living.
I think I will make a series of this. Let me know what You think.

Savour the Moment.

When You are about to do something or experience something with someone don’t fret about the future, don’t let Your wristwatch or mobile ruin the experience. Just savour the Moment and let what may come, come! Be open for changes in Your plans. Experience, Savour, Live, Love and take it in with an open mind and heart. It will give You way more than any plan you might want to stick to.

If You are always thinking of what comes next it will blind You to the beauty of the moment. Don’t try to push Yourself to stick to the plan you made during your leisure time. To experience the moment at it’s fullest You need to be in the moment.  That’s impossible if You are looking at Your watch all the time thinking: “Oh… we need to hurry up, in 20 minutes we have to be there and then there and then there.” Try to be open about your schedule. Enjoy the time You have with whomever you have around you no matter if it’s Your spouse, Your friends, Your lover or just Yourself. Time is precious, yes, but if You run around all day without actually living the moments, making memorys of them, it is worthless. You will have done a lot of stuff but will have experienced nothing.

Live the Moment. Love the Moment. Experience the Moment. Feel Yourself in the Moment. Make a Memory!