Gedicht aus dem Archiv: 2008

my life is bombed to pieces
like ruins, hollow, tall
before I can rebuild it
I have to find them all

Some of them have left me
and some I cannot find
cause when I’m looking for them
its dark and I seem blind

I wish it never happened
I wish you never told
I’ve lived in blissful ignorance
no sorrow, soaring, bold

Alas its useless thinking
I did what I thought best
cause I still keep on sinking
have no safe place to rest

I know I will be better
as time keeps marching on
and soon the happy and the bad,
all memories will be gone

still don’t know how to help it
I cannot simply choose
I cannot find the peace I need
I cannot hang it loose

my soul it needs a partner
a mirror to reflect
and as it goes with deep desires
I cannot just neglect

my soul it bore this burden
for all the life I knew
I need it badly this I know
I’ll never get it through

I see myself all crippled, old
surrounded by the dark
towards the shiny light there is
alone I sadly walk

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