River of Time

In the past there was a time
where nothing could go wrong
where every little moment lived
was cause for rhyme and song
where one would float in joyous bliss
without concern for watches
where hearts would beat in gleeful rhythm
and nothing was obnoxious

In the past there was a time
a beauty floating on
a river running ever swift
along the whistling swan
on towards the endless wides
of lakes and ocean lands
alas the time has ended since
and lost the meadow lands

No matter where the thoughts may roam
they always keep returning
to the beauty that was lost
to passion fires burning
to being second in the race
for loneliness’ extinction
to lose affections tender touch
to senseless mind addiction

As time moves on the memory fades
the wounds will turn to scars
the error of a broken dream
sent far out to the stars
the scars will stay forevermore
no surgeon can correct
the false hope caused disfigurements
indifference and neglect

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